Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Seasons change. Motivations come and go. Ebb and flow.  

 Some days the bike calls, at times the silent glide of skins on snow calls louder. They are all just mediums of movement, of exploration, of boundary expansion.

It's the shifts in perspective that I chase and crave. They often come after a big eye opening day, a sketchy adventure, and those moments when you're so cracked that your world shrinks to only the next foot step, handhold, or pedal stroke. Sure you can see the summit from the valley, but only after gaining the summit and seeing the world from a different vantage point does your perspective change. 

Get out. Chase the feeling that drives you. Fill yourself up. Getting up at 4 am and heading out into the pre-dawn chill is easy when you're chasing a feeling.

Capture the feeling, store it away for days down the road, learn from it, do what makes you feel alive.

New year, clean slate, new perspective, fresh eyes on old things. 

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