Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend shenanigans

Winter showed up last week, but not being the type to let numb fingers stop a trip into the woods, the brother and I got out for some good local climbing on Saturday.  15 minutes in the car, a 45 min hike, and 4 pitches of cracks, slabs, and gullies brought us to the top with just enough time to spare to get down before the wind picked up and a storm blew in.  Another good Saturday.

The arrival of winter also means the arrival of prime cross weather and it just so happens that the USGP was in town for the weekend which made for some great spectating. I slacked off and didn't race. However, Sarah organized a cruiser race on Sunday which was flat out mayhem....

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kat gro said...

A CLASSIC COMMENTARY: What's the strategy here?? "Trips to the fabric store even when you don't want to...when it's raining, when it's snowing, you get in the car and you go to the fabric store! That's the dedication required here. A lot of people don't realize these are full-time athletes here!"