Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Change of shoes

To be honest, I haven't been on a bike (other than commuting) since the big Ergon group ride a few weeks back, and other than that I've only had one other ride since Moab.  However, I haven't taken hardly any time off and have kept moving via other methods. I've been getting out on the sharp end of the rope regularly again although since it's been a few years it's more like the somewhat dull end of the rope.  Also, I've been running the most I have since my exit from Triathlon a few years ago. Nothing huge, but around 20+ miles a week. However, considering that I can't stand to run on the road or on trails so all of my miles are on the dirt and since even a mellow hour run behind the house can easily stack up 2k in vert I'm happy with it.  It's pretty interesting to explore all the trails around here that are closed to bikes and get in tons of new scenery.

Last weekend, I ran the Greyrock Loop on Sunday and felt like a jedi railing the downhills.  Then to up the stakes on Sunday I ran in with my climbing shoes in one hand, got the base on the SW side, switched shoes and soloed a somewhat easy route to the top. Granted I had never been on that side of the rock so route finding the best way to the top was a tad interesting but once I got to the summit I switched shoes and boogied back to the car via the longer meadow trail. All told it was 2:17 car to car with just over 2.5k vertical and about a 350-ish foot solo. Good day out for sure.  However since I don't carry a camera while running I don't have any pictures (check out the post below for pics of Stephen and I climbing greyrock in the snow the week before).  Never fear though, I was so stoked about the solo/run last Sunday night that I settled in while it was snowing, drank a few beers, and sketched the south side of greyrock just as it comes into view from the main access trail. Enjoy.

Art Time Lapse from AMC on Vimeo.

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kat gro said...

makes me want to dig out my the way this vid turned out! What is the timing of the still shots - how frequent?