Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mixing it up

Since fall just can't seem to die around here this year I've been making the most of it by getting out and doing whatever I can as much as I can. This past weekend was no exception. On Saturday, I joined up with a good group of guys lead by the Ergon crew for a good day of crushing the backyard singletrack.

Who wants a ~2,000 foot 30% grade climb 4 hours in on a 32x19? Yeah, bring it.
On Sunday, Sarah and I joined up Stacy for some climbing action. A beautiful 4 pitches up Greyrock was the perfect solution for another 70 degree day and watching the sunset over Rocky Mountain National Park was the cherry on top. However, forgetting headlamps for the 90 minute hike out wasn't so bright, but we lived to tell the tale and finished with grins all around.

It started like this.

Turned into this.

And finished like this.
Good times!


Greg Heil said...

That second to last photo is epic!

Glad you're having a great fall dude.

Metro said...

Beautiful photos from the climb. Thanks for sharing.