Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cameron Pass

Some more big hours today. I was out the door this morning with a bunch of cliff bars and 4 bottles strapped to my bike, on my way to Poudre Canyon. I had a goal of getting all the way to Cameron Pass, and it would prove to be quite an effort.

The lower sections of Poudre Canyon are basically a false flat and I quickly learned that my legs were pretty heavy after yesterdays ride. So I spun more and kept the exertion low. As the hours creeped by, my legs got heavier and heavier, but I kept plugging along. The closer to the pass I got, the steeper the road got, and colder the air became. At the top, some guy in his car told me it was in the low 40's!! All I had on was a jersey and shorts so I was getting pretty cold. However the worst part was coming back down....4o some degrees with a 40 mph windchill...jersey and shorts...cold!! I also had a headwind going up and coming down to make things just that much more interesting....just my luck. Anyway, I'm completely spent and ended up with a little over 8 hours of saddle time.

Summer is here and lots of people were on the lower river today

Lunch break

Lots and lots of side streams on the upper Poudre

Just below Cameron Pass at a little over 10,000 ft.


It was a pretty epic ride, however I'm too cooked to write much more. I'm going to bed!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Dude, you are ready for RAAM.

Paul said...

That is amazing. Great work Andrew.