Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Belgium ST: Final Episode

Today was the last installment of the New Belgium ST Series. I didn't think that I would make it to the brewery in time for the 6:30 start, but I spun over to watch. Turns out that they were running behind schedule so I showed up with plenty of time but still decided to wuss out. The conditions were COLD and wet. A few big swamp sections got everyone a bit dirty...this is mountain biking after all. Here's a few photos I took from the sidelines.

My camera is slow and everyone is riding fast....hence blurry photos

It was about this time that I really wished that I would of sucked it up and raced

Tomorrow the weather is going to be in the 80's after crappy and wet weather the last few days....time to hit the road again. Also, I'm stoked for my next event: the Growler in Gunny. It's 13 days away on June 8th, so I'll hafta pick up my usual peach O's before then...never race without them!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Dude, come clean my bike!

Carney said...

Only if you pay me in Peach O's!!!