Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feel the burn

After a good easy spin yesterday I headed out today in search of a little leg burning fun. The plan was to do lactic criss-cross intervals. I set the alarms on my HR monitor to 8 beats below my lactic threshold and 5 above. I then slowly alternated between the upper and lower limits at 2 minute intervals.....two minutes to steadily go from the bottom to top, then two minutes steadily back down to the lower limit...then right back up. I headed up north of town to the Poudre canyon and did a few sets of 5 each. Heart rate lags behind effort a bit so you have to keep the exertion steady and not peak which would lead to a delayed jump in HR. Overall, it's one of my favorite types of intervals because it forces you to keep your effort hard and steady. Afterwards, I cruised back to town and around the reservoir just because the weather was so nice....gotta love it here!!

Now, I'm working on mapping out the route for the Rim Ride 100 at the end of the month....should be a good time...

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