Friday, March 14, 2008

Pound it out

Yesterday I headed out to get in some hard sustained climbing. What better place to go than Rist Canyon? For those unaware, the Rist canyon road is about 9.3 miles in length with a elevation gain of around 2,600 feet. I wanted to time trial it to both go super hard and also get an idea of a base climbing time to gauge my fitness as the year goes on. My legs were a bit slow on the ride up to the entrance of the climb, but I managed to turn in a time of about 55 min. I think I could take some time off by learning the route a bit better and also being a little fresher....but not too bad. However, today I learned that the record for the climb is 40 min.....holy lactic acid batman!!

Today I headed out for some easy spinning with Mr Green. We headed up to Horsetooth and then climbed up the Towers trail for a ways before turning around and screaming back down at around 40 mph....cheek flapping anyone? And true to form, when I got back home the sun came out.

This weekend I'm looking to get in a longer road ride tomorrow, perhaps up to Estes Park. Sunday I may check out the Rio group ride. But for now....dinner time!

Also, I will need to collect about 75,000 cans to buy get started


Jeff Kerkove said...

OK, question. How many times did it take to get the 3 shot pano pic right?

Oh, and I think I have the Moab Rim Ride route dialed on the map.

I think...

Carney said...

2 tries to be exact...

I worked on the route tonight too. I think it all matches up. Whats the worst that could happen..get lost in the desert and have to eat cactus??