Thursday, February 28, 2008

Squishy squish

Today I left the road tank and home, hopped on my squishy bike, and went in search of some primo dirt. I hit up the trails just west of town along the front range and cranked for a few hours while exploring the trail network. The weather was in the 60's I believe and I couldn't of asked for better conditions. The dirt was super fast and I was lovin it. Then about 3/4 the way through the ride I came full throttle around a downhill hairpin, clipped a pedal on a rock, then smacked a water bar and in super slow motion went over the bars....a fairly graceful crash considering the speed I was going. Anyway, my left brake lever landed on another water bar and snapped the lever off at the base. So for the rest of the ride the steeps were a hair sketchy...but I kept rockin. I made it back home about dark...wish I would of thrown on a light because I didn't want to stop.

Don't think duct tape and zip strips will fix this one

On Saturday it's supposedly going to be close to 70 here so I'm hoping to get a century up to Estes Park and beyond in....if's up to Horsetooth park to scout out some trails...options, options...

Also, if you want some motivation, check out the updates of Mike C who is up in Alaska in the 1,100 mile iditabike race.....pure craziness

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