Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No thanks, I'm just lookin

I got into Fort Collins yesterday afternoon and did some driving / walking around town to get myself oriented. Today I looked at a few apartments and didn't have much luck. I kinda know the area of town that I would like to live in but looking for a 1 bedroom place on my current budget (remember I don't have one of those job things at the moment) is a difficult task. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that something will open up in the next few weeks. In other news, I've been doing some running lately to keep the legs guessing and after the first few runs I remembered why I prefer CAN'T coast!! I used to do a fair bit of running when I was a triathlete and before I started playing in the dirt. I was dumb enough? to do Ironman 3 times and even some Marathons, so the proper form is there, just not the little stabilization muscles....they'll come around!

After my marathon of apartment searching today I drove up to the Horsetooth Reservoir and took a look around. I think I could have a good time livin here...

Tomorrow....more of the same

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Jeff Kerkove said...

I tried to find a place on the West side of town, cause I though it would be better for the riding. Actually, I ended up finding a place on the SE side of town. I am about 40 minutes from the singletrack at Horsetooth and withing 10 minutes of primo road riding.