Sunday, November 25, 2007

Strip it!!

After the usual overeating at family gatherings on Thanksgiving my brother and I took on a fun little weekend project at home. We both have older Trek 1000's (a 2001 and a 2003 I believe) that we used for touring cross country last summer as well as just workhorse type bikes. We wanted to strip the frames down and repaint them as we both want to rebuild them a bit. So we headed up to the shop stripped them down to the frames, sandblasted them, primed them, painted them, and clear coated them. Here are a few pics to illustrate the process.

Stephen and his frame prior to paint removal

My frame before.

Some sweet sandblasting masks!!

Me doing some stripping??

All stripped!

Sandblasting can be a bit dusty at times...I think I got the black lung!

Paint gone bye bye

3 coats of primer followed by some sanding and more primer

I think we each put on about 5 coats of paint??...not quite sure, the fumes were starting to get to my head.

Final product with some of the components put back on, need to replace a few parts to make it my trainer / roller steed for the winter months.
I even striped and painted the cranks for some extra flair

Stephens new baby blue steed, he has a new crankset in the mail along with some new shifters and other parts...should be sweeeeet

What I'm up to this week:

Head out to colorful CO and try to find an apartment and a job!!
And yeah....that's about all I have to do!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Rat House Marc said...

looks pretty sexy!

mtb05girl said...

where at in CO are you looking?

Carney said...

I'm looking at apartments in Fort Collins....hoping to find a job at a gear shop or something until I can snag that elusive engineering gig.

mtb05girl said...

Nice. Fort Collins is an awesome town. I'm sure you'll love it once you get here. Look me up, we will have to go riding.