Thursday, September 6, 2007

Light the torches!!

Here is what I'm thinking.

Riding your bike is fun.
Riding at night is fun.
Riding with friends is even better.

Lets do it all

How bout next Thrusday we meet for a night ride up at Petersons and Mcfarland. Perhaps we can even stop over at Pauls place for a while again... So charge em up and lets roll. Now that I've got a few extra systems let me know of you want to come but don't have any lights and I'll hook ya up. Everyone is welcome!


Paul Varnum said...

Um, Thursday doesn't work very well for me. Could we do it on Friday?

Someone told me you were looking for a planing job. Check it out

Carney said...

I can't do it on friday, I won't be in town. Maybe we could all just go to the single/fixie ride on tues??

Paul Varnum said...

I'm OK with Tuesday (tomorow). Maybe I'll even have some Fat Tire at my place. It goes on sale today, you know!

Unknown said...

Sounds good, how bout just extending the single / fixie ride. mainly I just want to test out my new lights!!