Saturday, April 7, 2007

It's April??

Today I headed out for a longer ride. I ended up doing 4 hours on the ole bike saddle. I was riding a new specialized hardtail that I am thinking of buying from a buddy. It proved to be wicked fast on the smooth stuff and quick in the corners, just what I was looking for. The wind sucked out in the open, but I headed north of town up to Peterson Pits and then to Mcfarland Park. Some of the trails were a little wet, but overall, the conditions were great. It was sweet to get onto some singletrack and pin it. I ran into Paul while I was up in Mcfarland. He was heading out to get in some hill repeats. Rock on man!! I'm also planning a similar ride tomorrow of hopefully 4+ hours, maybe over to Boone and the DM river.

Singletrack Baby!!

Some Sweet Iowa Senery!!

Peace Out

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