Thursday, April 5, 2007

Uphill Grind

If only it was this easy!!

Ok, so things are looking good after all for my senior design presentation tomorrow. All we have to do now is dazzle the entire department faculty and some people from the industry with our knowledge. Despite being swamped with work, I did manage to get out yesterday for a good hour of hill climb workouts. Some good old fashion leg burning was the order of the day and it felt great. The long boring weight room workouts I did through the winter are paying off. My power is feeling spot on. Now what I need to do is get on some singletrack to get some technical skills back before my first race. I am planning on doing a small XC race in two weeks here in Ames - The world famous Tour de VEISHEA, it should be a good time and a good measure of my fitness before I head down to TN for Dirt Sweat and Gears the following weekend. Alright, back to work..Peace

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