Saturday, May 23, 2015

Salida Dirty Double Fondo

The seemingly endless Winter in Summit County has made pretty much any riding on dirt pretty hard however, I have made a few trips out to the desert to ride get some miles in. Also, this past weekend I headed down to Salida to stretch the distance legs a little in the Salida Dirty Double Fondo which was a 128 mile mostly dirt road event. I put on the rigid fork and aero bars in an attempt to keep up with the mostly cross bike crew that was racing. It was stupid fun and an awesome little event!

Boneyard Trail in Eagle


Blue Dot Trail in Moab

Portal in Moab

Turns out that Tour Divide gear such as a rigid fork and aero bars are also good for chasing cross bikes. 

The Salida Dirty Double Fondo started out cold and wet with some mud down low that claimed atleast 2 broken derailuers that I know of but once we climbed high enough things either were still frozen or had dried out making for some excellent riding.

The views weren't bad either. 

Cranking out the miles. 

Next up is some New Belgium Short Track on Tuesday and then provided things ever dry out in Summit County some local races. 

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