Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It's been awhile since I've put anything up on here but the past year has been busy. I was given the opportunity to travel to New Zealand over the summer to work on a Ski Patrol Exchange so I only got in some minimal bike racing, but I did manage to squeeze some in between my 3 consecutive winter seasons. Don't get me wrong, I love skiing but at heart I am still a summer kid who would choose rallying bikes over skiing but one does not turn down the opportunity to work in NZ when it's on the table. So, think of this as an update in visual form.

Spring time means bike racing, pure and simple

Suffer face

Sunrise at the Remarkables while running Avalanche routes. 

Camping on the Southern Coast of NZ

Proper NZ sketchy rope swing. 

Sunrise from the top of Coronet Peak

NZ Billygoating

Grand Couloir from the top of the Alta Chutes at the Remarkables 

Skiing the Grand Couloir

More Road Tripping

Milford Sound

Trail Running NZ style

I came back to CO just in time to enjoy fall and get plenty of riding in

Nothing beats ripping trails as the Aspens change!

But, eventually the snow fell and I headed back to work. 

However, work isn't too bad

I'll take the skiing when I can but I'm counting down the days until riding season starts!

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