Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday Tour

Fairly consistent precipitation over the last week forced Sarah and I onto our road bikes and even triggered the use of fenders and rain jackets more than once. So when the sun poked through this weekend, we were antsy to trade the skinny tires for some fatties and hit the trails. The moisture made for some quality hero dirt and we spent the better part of Sunday riding some trails behind the house that haven't seen our tread since last fall.


Even after not riding a semi-technical trail for ~6 months, it's amazing how certain lines remain fresh in the memory.

However, not physically riding the trail is the same amount of time means that even though the mind remembers where the wheels should go, the body can't always put it there.

Fortunately, we never take ourselves too seriously and a botched line just means a bigger smile. 

However, as much fun as 5k of climbing is, 5k of descending is even better.