Thursday, May 12, 2011

Short Track Carnage

It's crazy how popular the local Short Track races have gotten in the past few years. When I first moved to town I think there was maybe 3 categories, and maybe 20 people in each at the most. This year, there are full juniors races, a high school race, a packed womens field and 4 different mens races with over 60 people in some categories. I heard that this past Tuesday there were something like 360 people racing total. Add in a sweet course, tasty beer, and some great food from Backcountry Provisions and it's a party. It's nearly impossible not to be excited about bikes with that kind of a local scene every week!

This week the open field got a bit over zealous at the start and not 15 feet into the race we had some major carnage. With an entry fee of $5 some people were a bit too agro in my opinion but hey that's just me. I managed to stay clear of the carnage and held Greg's (Eriksen kit) bike down for him by stopping firmly on his rear wheel. I was actually laughing at this point because we hadn't even gone 20 feet and we were supposed to be the "pros"!  I saw 2 other crashes after this one to boot.  One more week of short track left - come out and get it!

Photo Credit: Yann Ropars

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Unknown said...

looks like a demolition derby