Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Whip

I've had my hands on a new bike for about a month now but to be honest I've been too busy riding it to put anything here. I'm super stoked to be flying the Moots colors this year as part of their Grassroots (GrassMoots) team. Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting a few of fine folks at Moots at the Steamboat Springs cycling summit, take tour of the factory, and learn a bit about the company. Seeing the care they take to create each bike is pretty amazing. They are a top notch operation and I'm happy to be flying the Moots colors. Feel free to ask me about them or better yet head on up to Steamboat and take a tour!

Yes, I've dropped the gears this year. I was looking for something different to do this season and SS is just pure fun.  However, should I feel the need I can also slap gears on pretty easily.Overall, it's a super reliable setup. Nothing too bling, but with my track history of destroying bike parts I tend to lean more towards the durability and functionality end of the spectrum.

Specs are as follows for all the bike nerds out there:
Frame: Moots X Rigor - (18in w/ 3rd H2O mount and Sliders)
Seatpost: Moots Cinch Post
Wheelset: American Classic
Fork: Rock Shox Reba w/ remote lockout
Headset: Chris King
H2O Cages: King Cage
Brakes: Shimano XT
Stem: Thompson 90mm, Zero rise
Grips: Ergon GS2
Saddle: Fizik Gobi
Cranks: Truvativ Noir w/ ceramic BB
Drivetrain: Niner rings/cogs


Jeff Higham said...


Matt said...

Nice ride and glad to see you drop the gears finally! I like the setup except for the chain guide - no need for that....and you might like the candy's better for pedals.


Carney said...

The chain guide was on there if I wanted to slap on gears, however it's actually been taken off since I haven't felt the need.

Dave said...

Andrew - love the bike...I realize I am late commenting on this post but I was looking through your blog to see how you set your new SS up.
Q - are you running an 80mm or 100mm fork?
Q - Did you do custom geo or the stock 18"?
Q - Anything you would do difeerently if you were ordering a new one tomorrow?

Dave said...

Oops, I meant "differently" (sp)