Monday, April 25, 2011


With the weather being rather fickle as of late around home, we've had to roll with the punches a bit. In years past, I would cursed the rain and cold, drank more coffee and eventually, put on layer after layer of warmers and ridden anyway. However, I'm learning to change that and not just suffer or coast through workouts but rather look for different ways to workout play that are better suited to the conditions at hand. Too crappy to ride in town?  Okay, so lets go foot sticking for the day up at the pass. All of a sudden 6 hours of exertion equals huge life stoke and ear to ear grins, not frozen fingers on the same old roads.

 The early bird does get the worm, or in this case the first few laps. 

Skin, slide, skin, slide, repeat until hungry, eat a banana and PB in tortillas, and resume the fun.

Sunday, the weather turned around a bit and we got out while the getting was good. Hero dirt anybody?  

Flexibility has its benefits!

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