Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cross, crashes, and tuxedo t-shirts

Last night I decided to throw some pedals on my cross/commuter bike and head over to New Belgium to race the local CX series. In short: holy crap cross is fun.  Granted the pedals I put on are just barely clinging to life which caused several surprise and unplanned un-cliping moments which occasionally mostly lead to crashing.  Also, I found out you can't push nearly as hard into a corner on cross tires as on big fatty tires so I stacked/drifted alot of the corners which lead to more un-clipping. And lastly my 42X18 gear had me pushing a super low cadence the whole time. However lame excuses aside, I had a crap load of fun and may have a few more races in me this fall after all.

Check out the video below and witness what happens when old pedals un-clip at random times causing me to tango with a railroad tie and then the course marking (~30 sec in).  And yes at ~1:30 that IS me in a tuxedo t-shirt.  I race in style.


Joshua Stamper said...

The Frisco CX race last year was more like a ST XC course. Have you seen the course that they are gonna have for the FC UCI CX race?

Carney said...

The course isn't up yet - they come in the week prior and build it up. However word on the street is that there will be a fly over!