Monday, September 20, 2010


Saturday I woke up and literally had to drag myself out the front door to ride.  Granted I also had to put on thermals to battle some serious fog and temps in the 50's.  Sunday I woke up rested, stoked, and giddy to go pedal.  The weather?  Not a cloud in the sky and temps in the 90's.  Me thinks there's a connection there.

Saturday looked pretty much like this.

Except when it looked like this.

Sunday was much better.  Yes, I am spoiled.

On a related note, 32X19 has a way of quickly revealing the harsh truth that the legs are not fully recovered after a 2 month racing spree.


Matt said...

Yeah, shove a 20t back there for regular climbing and a 21t or even 22t when in the high country.

Chris said...

i'm ready for more saturday type weather. ready for some fall-like mtb rides myself.

Mike said...


Which bikes are you currently riding? Last I knew you had the Yeti FS and the newer Siren. Looks like a Niner in the background pics. Did Yeti get you a replacment for the broken one? Did something happen to the Siren.


Carney said...

Mike - Yup I picked up the Niner frame after the Siren cracked (should be back sometime soon). I still have the Yeti but haven't ridden it much since I made the jump to big hoops. Haven't been able to sell it either. Hope all is well!

Mike said...

Good to hear the Siren will be back soon. That is a nice looking ride. I had a hard time getting rid of my 26" bikes too after I made the switch. Kids are taking up most of my riding time these days but watching them race and play sports is fun too. My 11 year old and I did a 6 hr race together in Missouri, had a blas with him. Take care.