Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mt. Guyot Loop Pre Ride

Never being they type to stay home and take it easy (that's what December is for), Sarah and I once again crashed on the Brothers floor in Summit County last weekend for a weekend full of riding, racing, course scouting, and general livin'. Sarah starts the Breck Epic this weekend, so in the continuing effort to scout as many of the stages as possible, we rode the Mt. Guyot Stage and filmed a few of the good sections with the new camera. Never having been up to French Pass I was a tad nervous on the SS since the map shows the trail going straight up the fall line to ~12,000 ft. However there were only a few short sections that I couldn't clear with the 32x19 (it's the only gear ratio we have so it's all I ride). It appears that in the Epic the course goes up Little French (in the reverse direction as the Firecracker) before French proper, so at least things will be sorted out a tad before the grind (conga-line) begins. Anyway, sit back, fill up that cup of coffee, and enjoy the best parts of Stage 3 of this years Breck Epic.

And if you're racing the Epic next week, keep an eye out for Sarah, she's got that whole eye of they tiger thing going on lately, and with her track/sprinting background, she doesn't hesitate for a second to hurl insults like a drunken Irish sailor and throw elbows like a steroid riddled linebacker....all with a giant smile on her face and flowers on her jersey of course.

Breck Epic Mt. Guyot Loop from AMC on Vimeo.

---------->  For full viewing pleasure, click on over to Vimeo and watch in HD. (Click on the HD button on the right of the video.)

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