Friday, July 2, 2010


Seems like the days and weeks have been flying lately, by the time I get around to putting something up here about the last weekend, I'm trying to get out the door for another one. For instance, I spent 3 days in Crested Butte last weekend and raced perhaps the best 40 mile race course I've ever been on, and for the first time this year, felt as if I had a good race, but who can complain with scenery like this....

Also, Chris and Eszter got hitched and a shindig ensued, which was hands down the greatest and most chill wedding reception that I've ever attended....

 No - I didn't take any pictures at the party so this artists rendering will have to suffice. There was however dancing, teeter tottering, merry go rounds, bluegrass, good eats, and enough good energy to last a lifetime!

Sunday, we rode up Cement Creek with Walt and Sarah (Reno to Flag to Bear to Deadman), my bike got grumpy in all the fine dust and creek crossings, and I snapped the only photo I took the whole weekend.  

And lastly, some bonus content - Further proof that the brother doesn't feel pain.....38 miles into the 40 mile pain cave and he's still got a grin plastered across his face. Capturing a picture of him suffering is harder than finding a creditable picture of Sasquatch.

Well, better go pack. I'm headed up for 4 days in Summit County again - life is rough eh?


Greg Heil said...

Dang, sounds like you're raking in the epic singletrack man!

Crested Butte area is a personal favorite of mine... I can't wait to get back there again!

Matt said...

nice! Great stuff in CB - looks like funs times - but sorry about the bike frame!