Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big hours up high

It's that time of year when days are long, temps are perfect, and all the good trails are opening up. Not being the type to stick around the Front Range when we don't have to, Sarah and I pointed the car West and bummed some floor space from the brother up in Summit County. Our only goal for the weekend was to ride, sleep, and then ride some more and hopefully make it home before work on Monday. Needless to say, 2 days of perfect trails is the best way to top off a good week of riding and, at least for 2 days, forget that we have to go back to the Front Range before Monday shows up.

I have had an attraction to a this bike and its singular gear lately - our relationship is starting to get serious(ish).

We found our share of trails that were not on the map which lead to some creative navigation. 

The wildflowers have successfully taken over most of Summit County right now.

How many hours can you ride on a sandwich as big as your head?
(The other half is still in the wrapper)

If I wasn't going to do it all again this weekend I think I'd go into withdrawl.


Greg Heil said...

Summit county singletrack looks fab! Sounds like one fantastic weekend!

allison said...

Man I miss riding in CO...

Matt said...

Start a big bon fire...then throw all your gears in it. You are hooked, crack head.