Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bout time

With temps in the 50's over the weekend I'm slowly clawing out of my winter funk consisting of cold rides and dark nights. Also, with the time change only a few days away and a change in my work schedule, the nice weather couldn't be arriving at a better time. I think some big hours (in actual daylight) are in my near future.

As far as the weekend goes, Sunday was the Oval and Sunday I rode in Boulder with Sarah, Cait, and Lindsey.  We rode up to the Gold Hill store and wasted no time eating every cookie they had in the place. Things were a bit damp on the way down but who can complain when it's sunny and 50 degrees?  My fingers are crossed that spring has finally decided to show up.

Spring is right around the corner.

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Greg Heil said...

+1 for springtime showing up! I'm hoping the temps stay up as well. Totally ready for the singletrack to stay.