Thursday, February 25, 2010

This n' That

Yup, those are some shiny new Ergons that showed up on my doorstep yesterday complements of being a Ergon Factory Rider.  I've been on them for around 4 years now. By the way, "I've been on them" kinda makes them sound like a drug, however they are rather addicting. Anyway, I'm fairly sure that anybody who reads this blog already knows about Ergon and their ability to turn a handlebar into a lazy boy for your hands, so an explanation isn't needed. Regardless, I'm happy to be flying the Ergon flag this season since it is truly the one item that I must have on all my bikes. Here's to another season of happy hands!

On the training front, another cold snap has been hanging around the past week, making riding outside not so fun. However, a mish-mash skate track has developed at city park which makes for a nice alternative to the trainer. Dawn patrol on skate skis is a great way to start the day and I have sore legs to prove it.  Even the weather for the weekend isn't looking too stellar, maybe a foul weather CX bike epic would be a good idea?

Exciting stuff I know....when is spring going to show up?


Greg Heil said...

I know seriously, I'm so ready for spring to be here!

We don't have it quite so bad here in the southeast, but we could use some dry trails, more daylight, and higher temps that's for sure. But it is on its way.

PS Blog I just wrote this morning about springtime:

Matt said...

Looks crunchy!