Thursday, January 28, 2010


Remember the days where you had to ride just to stay cool?

Since nobody wants to look at pictures of people riding on rollers in their basement, here's a few shots from the past year or so to remind us all why we spend the winter hours chasing walls while going nowhere and watching bad movies.

Dawn near 13,000 ft on the Vapor Trail 125 ('08 actually)

CO Trail on the Ten Mile Range (Day 2 of CTR)

Hartman Rocks (Growler pre-ride)

CO Trail - Fooses Creek

CO Trail outside of Salida

CO Trail - Fooses Creeek

CO Trail, above Keystone

CO Trail, near Searl Pass

CO Trail - Outside of Breck

My backyard

Moab - Sovereign Singletrack

Mineral Canyon Road (White Rim)

White Rim

CO Trail - somewhere past Marshal Pass

Maybe tonight I'll finally chase that wall down...


Jason Hilimire said...

Damn you Carney! Thank god i've seen a few of those places otherwise I'd have to commit suicide the next time I look out the window here...

Unknown said...


Ben Welnak said...

Those are some nice pics

Sonya said...

These photos are dreams come true!

Greg Heil said...

i want your back yard

Bill said...

Great pics, Andrew. Any chance you'd allow the CTF to use one or more? Thanks for your write-ups too, inspiring.

Bill Manning, Mg Dir
The Colorado Trail Foundation
(303) 384-3729