Monday, July 27, 2009

Saturday Protocol

Hey, it worked for us?

Start with some riding similar to this.

Then climb for an extended period of time up a loose and steep jeep road.

Enjoy the reward.

Then start to poke around at the top of whatever mountain you may be atop of and discover some ruins of times past.

Like a random shady shed hidden in the woods.

Make a quick assessment of it's potential as living quarters.

Take note that it also comes with an outdoor throne. Never mind that the door is missing - the view is what counts.

Well what else did you expect with two bothers in their 20's?

Ok, so after passing up the quaint living opportunity with a view, decend and find some other roads to ride. All while playing battleship with a few thunderstorms.

Keep pounding out those miles - we're not home yet.

Ok, so the rain finally guessed right and caught us. But being the prepared type, it's didn't phase us much.

Speaking of being prepared - did anyone loose a shoe?

Finish in the rain but with a smile from ear to ear.

And some gravel in the chamois...


Jeff Kerkove said...

That climb up to the top of West White Pine Mnt is a major BIATCH!

Unknown said...

funny picture of the shoe....