Monday, June 22, 2009

Racin' and recon

This weekend, the brother and I headed down to Crested Butte for Wildflower Rush and to get in on some XC ragin'. My race didn't go too hot and I rode kinda like a little girl, but Stephen managed to snag 3rd in his first MSC race - not bad!

On my 3rd lap it started to rain making for a chilly finish and a quick exit from the venue. So, instead of riding in more rain, we headed back over to Salida to our favorite forest service road pull off for a rather relaxed evening of bike cleaning and cooking over an esbit stove.

Sunday, we got in a full days worth of trail recon/hike-a-bike, for some ideas I have in my future. We managed to get up to 11k and just below the continental divide before being turned around by snow on one section. Throughout the day the views did not disappoint and another quality weekend of riding is in the books. I'm feeling it today! Only 2 more weeks before Marathon Nats in Breck, and assuming I make it through this weeks scheduled workouts, tapering should be quite easy!

Time to clean the bike again!

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Matt said...

The toothless bandit strikes again! Way to go Stephen.