Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just around the corner...

July that is, and that means it's time for some racing in Breck. First up is Marathon Nats on the 4th, then 2 weeks later is the Breck 100. Hopefully this year in the 100, I won't get lost and ride up the wrong mountain at mile 90 again!! Anyway, so Jason has been kicking my training up a notch lately as a final push before a proper taper, and since I much rather prefer to be out actually riding as oposed to writing about riding, things on here have been a bit stale. But don't worry, I've been out riding until after dark most every night! Also, I know I haven't been talking much about training lately, but take my word for it, since starting with Jason in January I've made huge gains and I'm looking forward to July! Having an educated eye on my progress has deffinately been a welcomed change and I can see and feel the results. Also, hopefully I'll have a new bike ready to rock for the 100.....I have all the bits and pieces for my Siren build and am just waiting on the frame. I think it's going to be a pretty sick build!

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