Sunday, March 8, 2009

More dirt and tanlines

Today, after a liberal application of coffee to combat loosing an hour to daylight savings, I headed south to shred some gnar gnar with Jeff "I only use products that are green" Kerkove and Sonya "I'm always happy" Looney at Heil and Hall ranch. Temps were in the 60's again so I got in some good quality work on my March tan lines. All told we made our way through mostly all of both Heil and Hall. I'd never ridden at Hall before and it certainly lived up to it's reputation of being super rocky and technical. Also, there were TONS of other folks out riding, I think I crossed paths with 75+ people throughout the day. Well, enough blathering, here's some photos.

What flavor of powerbar are YOU going to eat?
Some comment about the proverbial fork in the road/trail, although they look equally well traveled.

Climbing Hall and it's rocky goodness

I think I can fix it

Dang Looney - Quit riding so fast!


Unknown said...

This Iowa Boy is so jelous:)


Anonymous said...

I hate you for having sun! Even more for singletrack, dry trails and tan lines. Damn... wish you we weren't on the same team. :-)

Enjoy is what I really mean. I'm jealous as hell!

Paul said...

Enjoy the scenery!

Matt said...

I'm laughing because we got you the COLD weather gear first...and this season you just didn't need it all that much.