Thursday, March 12, 2009

All packed up with nowhere to go

Had plans of heading down South to NM this weekend to hit up the San Ysidro Dirty Century (123 miles - so Century-ish), however it looks like rain is in the forecast so I'm bailing. However, gathering up all my gear after a winter of scattering it around the house wasn't such a bad thing since now I'm ready to go at a moments notice.

The Ergon is packed and ready for some backcountry epicness - C'mon spring!

On the training front, I've been getting in some good hours this week with some sweet spot and tempo work by the order of the coach man. I'm looking down the barrel at a 12.5 hour training weekend and since the weather looks nice, I'm pumped. I'm thinking it'll be both a road and dirt kind of weekend.

All my rides this week have ended with me chasing the last remaining daylight home - I never win.

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Chris said...

Or do you?

I was originally going down to the SY 100 too but my test squashed that. Oh well I'll be free after tomorrow morning finally!