Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now where did I put that sunscreen?

Temps have hit the 70's this week making riding with numb toes a distant memory. I'm sure they'll be plenty of cold days yet this spring, but these temps makes me think that summer is just around the corner. I've had some sweet spot and temps time on the plate this week, complete with some bursts to work specifically on the power demands of mountain biking. The legs are happy after last weeks rest and I'm looking forward to putting in some good hours over the next few weeks.

Feel the burn.....sunburn?

Took a chance on this brew tonight.....I'm hooked.

Also, a friend told me about did I not know about this when I was couch surfing??

Have you checked out the new and improved Group Ride site yet? What ya waiting for?


mr. f. g. superman said...

Mmm, Pipeline porter. Founder of Kettle Chips here in Oregon sold up and moved to Hawaii to make beer...poetry.

How are the Ayup lights holding...up?

Carney said...

Kettle chips and beer....Mmmmm

AyUps are doing great! Takes about a min to grab them and strap them on before riding.