Sunday, February 15, 2009

And now back to our regularly scheduled winter

Woke up yesterday to fresh snow and temps in the low 20's. I opted to skip the Oval (If it even ended up happening since everyone was out of town) and wait a few hours for the roads to dry a bit. I headed out for a solo 4 hour spin and at different points had rain, snow, sleet, and snow again. I finished with some severe icing on the bike but all told it was a good day.

Today I headed out for some bigger hours and hit up some new gravel roads up near Red Feather Lakes. I was planning on 5 hours but the day ended right at 6 hours and I rolled home just as it was getting too dark to ride - Somehow I always end up doing that?

Gravel splorin' up near Red Feather Lakes

Racin' the sun won.

This next week is a scheduled rest week for me and I need it bad! This past week I also got my next months training schedule from Jason and I'm pumped! Something about seeing big hours on the calendar gets me excited - is that bad? I can already see big improvements since starting with Jason about a month ago. I've always had a big picture eye on my season and progress but for the last few years I've pretty much just made every ride a fartlek workout. If I wanted to I would pin it - if not, I didn't. I'm excited to see what improvements are possible this year with his guidance and instruction.


Matt said...

Nice work there...keep it up!

Sarah said...

He's a pretty smart dude, for sure. Great coach, too.