Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey day

Nope, I didn't get any turkey today, but I did get in around 5 hours of nice chill saddle time. I met up with Jeff and we headed out of town with temps hovering around 40. (Yesterday I was riding in just a jersey and bibs, can you say temp swing?) JK had some intervals to do, so while he was cranking out enough wattage to power a small country I sucked wheel big time on our way south towards loveland.

Early miles

A ways up Big Thompson canyon JK was done with his workout, so he pulled a 180 and headed back to town. I kept on heading up the canyon on my way to Estes.

Who needs a turkey dinner when ya have a few of these delicious packets of amazingness? 2 times the caffeine? ..... YES PLEASE!

Dropping down into Estes

For the duration of the climb I was perfectly warm, but once up to Estes temps dropped and I started to freeze. I don't know what the actual temp was, but it was nowhere near the 39 degrees that the weather man predicted.

Refuel: one bottle of drink mix, one bottle of piping hot coffee, and a blueberry scone (the scone didn't make it out of the store so it's not in the photo :))

The ride back home was fairly uneventful, except for the biting cold. I managed to loose my beanie in Moab a few weeks back, so I was just wearing a cycling cap which means my ears turned into frozen flaps of flesh. A headwind heading back down the canyon made the windchill even worse - imagine a 30 min ice cream headache and that's basically the jist of the decent.

Thawing out at home - nope that's not sunburn - it's frezer burn :)

Good day on the bike as usual!

Oh yeah. Dave, if you're reading this, your ice cream is gone.....wierd I know!


ojulius said...

Nice bottles! :) Those legs look a little painful.

Jeff Kerkove said...

Shit dude!