Friday, November 28, 2008

Tag, I'm it

Looks like Amanda tagged me, so here goes.

List 6 random things about yourself that most people do not know, then tag 6 more people and post their links.


1) In my younger years I played piano for 9 years and trumpet for 8 years. I once won a award for a jazz band solo. I also tried to learn the harmonica for awhile, but I'm fairly sure I just sounded like a dying rabbit the whole time.

2) I'm a Eagle Scout and can construct nearly any structure using only poles and lashings. It's true - once I built two tall towers connected by a working drawbridge without using a single nail. I won the camp gateway competitions in two states every single year I built something, and then my brother won it every year after that.

3) Once, to my mothers dismay, I built a 25 ft tall trebuchet in our yard with a counterweight of around 600 lbs. It could throw a 8 lb water balloon (that's a HUGE balloon) about the length of a football field. So, logically, my bro and I aimed it at the river behind our house and would shoot it at boats passing by.

4) I started as a lineman in high school football for 3 years and once broke a QB's arm with the help of another lineman. I also used to wrestle.

5) I did my first triathlon at age 16 on a steel mountain bike complete with homemade aero bars that I thought were super badass. On the way home from the race I put a down payment on my first road bike - I was hooked. Two years later when I was 18 I did my first Ironman.

6) One summer I climbed Mt. Rainer and then rode across the country with my brother on a shoestring budget, with no real planned route - we just headed east every day. We slept in places that most people wouldn't even consider and met lots of interesting people. Although not as interesting as the guy I once met in Utah who was convinced that the terrorists were breeding giant Mexican snakes to come across the border in the sewers and take over the US. You can't even fake that kinda crazy! Ok, so I'm rambling now, but I've got a bonus one....

7) My brother is a ninja - no really he is!

And now I pass it on...
Sonya Looney Tooney
Paul J
Matt Turgeon
Marc S
Jeni Turgeon
Dave Nice


Unknown said...

dang dude 4th time this year! I'm gonna have to start making shit up....

Carney said...

I heard you could fly! :)

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