Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend shenanigans

I headed out of town yesterday with JK and Sonya for some riding up Monument Gulch and parts surrounding. We managed to get in around 3-ish hours of chill saddle time which equaled good times. Jeff took some super sweet videos which are now posted on his site, and yes... I have some mad bike!

All the apen leaves are gone and winter is right around the corner....Boo!

Today, Dave and I decided to do some exploring and scouting of climbing opportunities up the Poudre canyon. We ended up finding some quality crags, but my strength wasn't quite up to what we found. I haven't really been on the sharp end of a rope since I broke my thumb 1.5 years ago, so things were interesting. Also I'm most familiar with smooth utah sandstone and not the local rock, it'll take some adjusting, but the options are certainly there. No climbing pics, but I discover use # 132 for an Ergon BD2:

JK hooked me up and so far my opinion of the pack is ......friggin SWEEEEEET!!! Yes you can quote me on that! I've got a little jaunt up my sleeve in 2 weeks which will put it to the test, so my attempt at a review will follow that.

In some completely random news: I finally deposited my winnings from the Seven Oaks 24 last week. If you ever have the desire to piss off 35 people who are waiting in line behind you at a bank over the noon hour, just walk up to the counter, pull a burlap sack out of your messenger bag, and plop it down on the counter. I swear I could hear the collective sigh of the entire line behind me. Then the teller asked me if I had knocked over an armored truck. Good times.


Metro said...

Hey man can you recommend a good all around climbing shoe for a newer climber? I’ve been looking at some 5.10s, La Sportiva and some Montrail stuff. I’m looking for a nice comfy all day shoe not really an ultra tech slipper.

I’m looking forward to the Ergon pack write up as I’ve been tossing around investing in one myself.


Carney said...

I've always used Bufo shoes and have a pair of the spiders and a pair of the weapons. The Bufo's seem to soften up sooner than 5.10's and Sportivas, making them slightly better suited for slabby stuff as opposed to crimpy routes. It's what I've used and I don't really have any complaints, good all around shoe. My brother has some Montrails and he really likes them, however I can't recall what shoe it is specifically, all I remember is that they are green :)

Paul said...

I love my La Sportiva Mythos! The best all around shoe.... 10 years ago! %^)

Those videos are amazing! I can't wait to make it out there again!