Friday, October 17, 2008

Off season

Need to waste some time?

Other than wasting time on nerdy cartoons, I have some riding planned for the weekend with Kerkove and Sonya west of town. However, before I can go, I need to swing by Road 34 after work and pick up the Yeti. I had some new bushings installed this week so it should ride like smooth buttery dream. I guess I'm either too fat or too extreme for the bike because I trashed the factory bushing in only about 2 months. I'm going with too extreme...

In some completely random news, I ran across the long awaited P4 a few days back. Now I admit, it's been a few years since I was "in the know" when it comes to tri bikes, but this thing is just ridiculous. Just, drop 7K and hope there are never any cross winds! I am however in the market for a new road bike. Fall is here and I haven't been up Rist Canyon in 2+ months....I need to fix that!

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Matt said...

I have a Campy Chorus 10-speed group that I'd love to get rid of.....let me know if you get the new roadie and are interested. 12-25 with Compact so it climbs like mad.