Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Mr. J-kizzle seems to have tagged me so I'll do my best to keep the ball rolling...here goes...

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Well, I would of been 14....so apart from counting my newly sprouting armpit hair and shaving my peach fuzz stash, I was most likely putting off algebra homework of some sort. Truth be told, chances are I was in my parents basement building RC planes and inhaling WAY too many glue fumes. Yup, I was a aviation nerd. I didn't start racing bikes until I was 16 but my brother and I were building bike ramps in our driveway ever since we knew how to ride without training wheels.

What are 5 non-work things on my to-do list today?
1) Sleep
2) Eat
3) Clean my bike and pack for the VT 125 this weekend
4) NOT ride a bike (too late - I rode around the driveway earlier....Craaaap)
5) Clean my stinky bike clothes so people will want to ride within 100 ft of me this weekend

Snacks I enjoy
Duh.....PEACH O'S, aka my super secret nutrition weapon!
Marshmallow Mateys
Massive amounts of super chunky peanut butter
Yogurt (I eat about 3-4 container's every day...no joke)
Peanuts (I eat them whole, shell and all)
New Belgium & Odel Brews

Things I would do if I was a billionaire
1) Pay off my bike
2) Give a bunch to everyone who let me sleep on their couches for the year I was a bum
3) Buy a bunch of couches and open hotel Carney for my dirtbag mountain biker and climber friends
4) Move back into my car and travel with my climbing and riding gear. Alright, so maybe I'd upgrade from my go-cart car to a motorhome of some kind
5) Get a bunch of $1 bills and roll in them
6) Buy a couch and get rid of my busted futon as well as my TV from 1988 (no joke, it's sweet!)

Places I have lived
Greene IA (yes it's spelled correctly) - I even grew up on Greene Rd!!
Ames IA
Waukon IA
West Union IA
Fort Collins CO
I've "lived" on peoples couches in: Grand Junction CO, Ames IA, Gaylord MI, and Cincinnati OH
If "living" means, sleeping with all your possessions, then I've slept in tons of random spots while touring cross country

Jobs I've had
Camp Staff
Family farm work
Photograph cutter extraordinaire (my pops was a photographer)
Physics tutor in college
Outdoor Recreation Staff at ISU
Professional cycling/ski bum

I think I'll pass it on to a pair of Pauls.....P-Diddy Varnum and Paul J.


Anonymous said...

:) Good ones. Maybe you need to upgrade to hobo status... errr... maybe that's me. :) Good luck this weekend!

Travel Gravel said...

Peanuts whole is the only way to eat them! You get the salt, the flavor, and the fiber benefits! And I thought I was the only wierd-o who ate them that way... Later!

Carney said...

Yes!!! Mainly I eat peanuts whole because I'm too lazy to crack them open!! Too much work for a small amount of food!