Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Drove to Glenwood Springs.
Slept for 3.5 hours in the truck.

Arrived at the Maroon Peak trailhead at 4:30 AM.
Quick breakfast of bagels, PB, and cold coffee.
Headed off down the trail.

Pre-dawn at crater lake.

We were denied on our first route choice... the Bell Cord Couloir.
(The col is the obvious narrow snow route in the photo)
On to plan B.



Things kept getting steeper and more sketchy as we got higher.
Around 13,200 in this photo.

The backside of the route is a route-finding nightmare of cliff bands, steep loose gullies, and lots of rotten rock.

We turned around on the summit ridge about 150 vertical feet below the summit due to some big storms and lightning rolling in.

(The photo is crappy because of the weather, but above I'm descending off the summit ridge)

Stephen can be seen on the rib above.
We descended some super sketchy terrain in the rain.
Fun stuff.

14 hours after starting out, we arrived back at the truck.

True to Carney form...we didn't take enough food and ate anything we could chew on that we found in the truck....we even devoured a bulk box of NERDS! 20 servings divided 2 ways....oh yeah!

It sucks turning around, but we made the right call when we came over the summit ridge and saw the black sky.

We did however, get to look down onto a rainbow in the valley as we were descending...ever done that?

More quality truck sleep in Glenwood Springs.
Breakfast of dry oatmeal packets...tasty.
This time we upgraded to hot coffee!
Drove to Vail.
Met up with Paul.
Headed out for some awesome riding.

Rode the Grand Traverse....pure singletrack nirvana

Paul rippin it up on a Rush...normally he rocks a rigid...but I think he's seen the light now :)

I need to get back to Vail soon to ride more. I would be super easy to put in some big singltrack miles here!

The buff trails just never end.

Once again, got caught in the rain and mud.
Now it's official, the new Yeti is broken in all good 'n proper.

Another good weekend in the books.

What to do this weekend??


Jeff Kerkove said...

good stuff man!

Paul said...


Thanks for meeting up with me in Vail. I haven't had more fun on single track in my life. Thanks again!