Thursday, July 24, 2008

New whip

I picked up a new ride last weekend and I've spent this week getting the suspension dialed in and everything tweaked to my fit. It's strange to be on a full suspension again, but in a good and comfortable way. Once the suspension was set up, I spent some good hours in the saddle putting it through it's paces. It's FAST, hands down.

Yeti ASR. I test rode the carbon version back in June, but for what I'll put this bike through... full carbon just isn't the best option.

Carbon rear triangle...and cage fo' dat extra bling bling.

I took some shots of it in its natural habitat (ie. singletrack) but my camera crapped out, so for now the only photos are on my patio. However, rest assured; it's no longer perfectly clean. I'm giddy to put a race number on it. Action shots to follow....soon...


Paul said...


See you on Sunday hopefully!

Let's head to Eagle.

Charlie Litchfield said...

Can I have one of your bikes, please?

Jeff Kerkove said...

Nice dude! Need to get out and show it some high alpine goodness