Wednesday, June 18, 2008


For those interested, here is a list of what Stephen and I take on overnight bike trips. The only difference between overnighters and longer trips would be the amount of food. I think we've got it whittled down to the basics, and that's good because it just fits inside of our packs!

My kit:
Basic first aid kit
Repair kit (leatherman, zip strips, tire boot, duct tape, kevlar spoke etc.)
Iodine tablets
Jet Boil stove
Plastic Spoon
Sierra Designs rain jacket
Sleeping bag - I have a small summer bag (4"x6" packed) however, I took the larger last weekend (it can be seen strapped to my bars with some webbing)
Knee warmers
Long sleeve jersey
Full finger gloves
Ghetto GPS unit strapped to my bar with zip strips
Cheap blue foam pad cut to be as wide as my shoulders and as long as from my head to hips
Jogging shorts for sleeping in

Stephens kit:
Sleeping bag
Same cheap blue foam pad
Large rain poncho - I've added lots of guy lines and it's our rain tarp
SD rain jacket
Leg warmers
long sleeve jersey
Full finger gloves
Coffee mug/press
Bike Lube
Shorts for sleeping

We also both have the standard repair stuff (tubes, multi-tools, patch kit, pumps, etc)

I like to be able to fix anything that may break and be self-sufficient. At the same time, we don't take any gear that isn't necessary. Currently the only thing I plan on changing is to ditch the iodine tablets for a filter, so I don't have to wait for clean water.

For food we like ramen, rice, oatmeal, bagels w/ peanut butter, cliff bars and lots and lots of coffee.

Ride on.

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