Friday, April 25, 2008

This 'n that

Today's "easy" ride was spent battling wind gusts in the low 40's....not fun. Up in the canyons, gusts can come from any direction and felt like a sledgehammer to the chest at times. Imagine almost coming to a complete stop while coasting down a 12% grade....not fun. Good thing this is a recovery week! The plus side is that this weeks lower training volume has let me do some dirt jumping. So I headed out to ride at Lory State Park and check out the recent jump re-build. Basically, they combined the dirt from the two larger lines into one even bigger line. Everything is a table and built pretty nicely, I expect I'll be spending some good hours here over the summer.

If you click in, my bike is leaning on the 2nd jump for scale

Some other DJ's near my apartment

In other news, I'm not planning on traveling out of town to any races for the next month until the Front Range 50 in Denver. However, the Seven Oaks 3/6 hr is mighty temping.....

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