Sunday, April 20, 2008

Out 'n about

Headed out of town yesterday to go on a little "exploring" ride. Nothing too long or difficult: just wanted to find some new roads, test out the new hammock, and feel the familiar and comforting pull of the trailer behind my bike. Here's some of what I saw:

I had seen this little bouldering spot before, but this time I brought my shoes and had myself a fun little session

Home for the night next to mr. snowbank

Rollin just after sunrise

mmmm...smooth roads for breakfast, tasty!

Upper Poudre Canyon near Cameron pass

More Poudre Canyon

Even found some gravel to ride on

Randomly stumbled across this camp. The strange thing is that I went to scout camp here about 9 years ago, so randomly riding past it was a bit of a surprise!

Overall it was a good weekend on the bike. Still pretty cold up around 9,000+ feet so I didn't quite get where I wanted, but I'll head back up there once things warm up. Also, Tuesday is the first of the New Belgium short track races here in town. Time for a ride on the hurt train!

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Charlie Litchfield said...

You should tour that bike of yours on up to Boise.