Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Floor it and drop the clutch

First off, what's up with the crazy temperature swings? The last two days have been in the 70's and today it's in the 40's, windy, and as I type this it's snowing a bit. After some easy spinning the last few days to recover from the weekends effort, my legs feel great. So today I headed out to get in some hard 4 minute intervals. I intended to head out to the Blue Sky trail, but the threat of snow showers kept me on the foothills trails near town. The best part about these trails is I can ride out my door, 20 feet to a bike path, and 2 miles later I'm there. No riding on the road required!! Anyway, after warming up I threw down with an hour of intervals with plenty of recovery between. As I finished up there was a hint of snow in the air so I cooled down happy with the days effort. Lastly, I decided to check out what I thought would turn out to be a shortcut to take out some pavement on the way to Horsetooth, Blue Sky, or any trail around the south side of the reservoir. After about 200 yards on the trail I thought I could pop out on the a road, thus cutting out a few miles of busy roadway. Nope, I ended up being locked inside a B-road that was fenced off. To top it off, a pair of very large and very angry dogs wanted a piece of my juicy calf. So, I tucked tail and sprinted back where I came from, luckily the dogs didn't feel like chasing me too far. Another good day!


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