Saturday, February 16, 2008

More up and down

Out the door at noon today to get some miles in. I started by heading up the the reservoir and around the southern end to Masonville. Then north on a twisty country road that took me past the top of Rist Canyon and on to the Poudre Canyon road. All the climbing was up to the top of Rist canyon and then a nice even downhill for the next 25 miles or so with a few flats and short uphills, but go downhill that long in winter and your body gets pretty cold. So I kept cranking the whole way and cruised along in the low 30's, quite a welcome change compared to the 11-12 I became accustomed to on the climb up. On the way back to town I still felt snappy and decided to head up and ride the road on the side of the reservoir instead of cruising the flats back. Finished with 65 miles in just short of 4 hours....twas a good Saturday!

Bit more vertical than the standard midwest ride!

Somewheres north of Masonville. Roads were super smooth and traffic was light....perfect

It got a bit colder at the top and I'm glad I threw a vest in my pocket. Also, the wind gusts in the prairie up top were so strong they pelted me with dust and hunk even hit me in the tooth...guess I should close my mouth more when riding...but that makes breathing a bit harder!

The reservoir on the way back to Hotel Carney


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Paul said...

I hope you are enjoying the weather! We have 5-8 inches of snow with 40 mph winds today!