Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More of the same.....but different

Out the door today at noon with a big day on the horizon. I rode the same route I did on Saturday which took me south through Masonville then north to the Poudre Canyon. However, this time, when I got to Poudre Canyon I hung a left and rode up the canyon for about 10 miles before turning around and heading back to town. This addition brought my millage to about 75 and a ride time of 4.5 hours. Things were going great and on the way up it was warm enough that I was only wearing an unzipped jersey and still wiping sweat off my glasses....I love this weather. Once I got to the bottom of Poudre Canyon I was cooked and stopped for some snickers to pick me up for the spin back. I think I crossed paths with Amanda on the way back into town, but could of been mistaken as I was in a bit of a haze at the time. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to an easy recovery spin....but for tonight I've got some Tour of CA viewing to do!


mtb05girl said...

hmm maybe. i did the rist canyon - masonville loop. where'd u think u saw me at?

mtb05girl said...

yep yep that was me. i live at the corner. i remember seeing another rider when i turned.