Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Headed out on the road tank this morning down to the south end of the reservoir. The weather was a bit cold especially on the descents, but all in all, it was a good ride. A couple of hours later I got back home and now I'm spent. I put a compact crankset on last weekend and man does it help. At some spots I was still turning only 45 rpm with a 30x23 gearing....feel the burn. Now back to the grind of trying to find myself a job...

South and West side of Horsetooth

Apparently....armored vehicles are needed here??


Jeff Kerkove said...

You need to go ride up Rist Canyon


Its a most excellent burn.

Carney said...

It's on my list as soon as the temps hit the upper 30's again. My ghetto cold weather gear is just that....ghetto

Travel Gravel said...

Nice Waco-esque compound in that bottom pic. Probably going to bury that bus up on the hillside and dig a tunnel to the driver's door of the armored vehicle. Don't accept any grape coolaid from them! Flask Shot soon?! Later!