Saturday, October 6, 2007

Check It

Got back to Good Ole Lames last night to find a little present waiting for new DMR Sidekick frame. I need a few more parts to build it up like I want, but for now I will just be transferring parts from my busted GT frame. More to follow as I build it up, but for now just checkout the glory that is one sweet lookin frame.


It comes stock with vertical dropouts, but I will soon be swapping them out with horizontals for single speed rockin.

Sweet graphics

Get out and ride!!!


Rat House Marc said...

hell yes!!

-_- said...
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Anonymous said...

sweet frame!

yea man, you def should try to make it to the bingo alley cat...its gonna be a blast!

Unknown said...

duder!!!! jealousy cant even explain my feelings of you right now!!!!!!


Carl Buchanan said...

very nice!